Eurozone Inflation At 6-Month Low

Eurozone inflation eased to a 6-month low on energy prices in June, while core inflation increased after slowing in May, extending some support to the recent hawkish stance of the European Central Bank. Consumer prices climbed 1.3 percent year-on-year …

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Company News – FreshForex Presents to your Attention Economic Calendar by MetaQuotes!

Dear traders,We are glad to share with you great news! We teamed up with one of the leading developers of software applications for brokerages, banks, and exchanges MetaQuotes Software Corp. to offer you a brand-new service Macroeconomic Events Calendar!Using the Economic Calendar tool not only you can filter events by importance, choose desired countries and time intervals, but also receive relevant information without delays and instantaneously react to market events.This essential economic information is updated automatically during announcements in real time!We would like to remind you that we developed our own Economic Calendar which you can find on FreshForex website! Keep track of key economic events with FreshForex Calendar and use MetaQuotes Calendar as an additional source of relevant information!Start monitoring important macroeconomic events to make more weighted trading decisions right away!

Elliott waves for Forex correlation analysis – Waiting for a rebound around 111.52

USDJPY – Down Wave Analysis Yesterday, the US dollar daily candle opened at 112.28, went as high as 112.92 and as low as 111.80 but ended up closing at 112.16, just few pips below it’s opening price. We expect the previous day’s highest high 112.92 to have marked the end of the impulsive wave (iii), that the current downward rally is the unfolding of the corrective wave (iv) and should not go beyond the end of the impulsive wave (i), 111.52; where we’ll be looking to buy the impulsive wave (v) with an ideal target at 114.92. This view can only be invalidated in case the current correction end up below 111.52, if this is the case, then a rally to the lower side is inevitable. Expect a similar wave count in CADJPY, AUDJPY and CHFJPY. Trade Recommendations: Wait for a rebound around 111.52-112.10 to buy this pair towards 114.91
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